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Welcome to our blog! Our team of science communicators shares what gets them excited about science and technology, celebrate great achievements in history or feature cool science related events they definitely recommend attending. Read on to find out what’s on their mind!

Where particles collide

Hit me with your best beam! This last year has been a buzzing sequence of new discoveries and advances in ...
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Top 5 Space Movies

From Le Voyage dans la Lune to First Man, space travel has been spectacular and fascinating on the big screen ...
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A Deeper Look on Bonfire Night

Remember, remember... The nights are drawing in, and while some of us may brave the cold outdoors to go Trick-or-Treating ...
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How to: Grow plants that bite

Welcome to the creepy world of carnivorous plants. Luring prey to a grizzly death, they inspire horror stories around the ...
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It’s good to be a blogger

What a time at Cambridge Science Centre! We are getting ready for half term and some spooky Halloween activities for ...
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Destination Iceland!

What a week for space! With World Space Week kicking off yesterday, NASA's 60th anniversary having just passed, and Mae Jemison's ...
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It’s great to be back!

It’s great to be back! After opening our new centre in Cambridge and renewing our website, it is finally time ...
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