“What I liked was that the staff were so friendly and flexible and just seemed to fit into the school without any effort on my behalf. We would love your team to come back”
Jacqui Gilman, The Peele Community College, Lincolnshire

Science out and about

Street Science in all kinds of unexpected places

We don’t always expect everyone to come to us – and we know we can reach many more of you if we also come to where you are!

In our What’s On calendar you can find our ‘street science’ shows and exhibitions near you. From King’s Lynn to Cambridge and St Neot’s to Norwich, they take place in unexpected places across the eastern region such as:

  • banks
  • town halls
  • city centre shops
  • school sports halls

Some are semi-permanent exhibitions lasting several months, others are pop-ups for a day or two. Some are staffed, others are not. Such details will be explained if you click on the event in the calendar.

Reaching wider

We know that our street science reaches the parts that many educational initiatives don’t reach – thanks to these widely-spread locations: 65% of people attending Street Science events in summer 2017 had not visited a science gallery or museum before.