Home Educators Session – Fossils

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Fossils are really very rare and it takes a special kind of creature, dying in a very specific place, with just the right conditions to create the perfect fossil. Come and explore the process and what it takes to make a fossil, or even what it might take to become one yourself!

Excavate an ice fossil and make your own fossil (without waiting millions of years!)



This session forms part of our special programme, just for home educated young learners, with weekly sessions of hands-on activities.

The sessions will last approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes and each week will be based on a different curriculum topic.  Overall, topics ranges from ‘Plane Sailing’ (Can it fly? Why does it fly? If it can fly – how far can it fly? – an engineering journey) to ‘It’s Raining STEM’ (Discover how we can predict rainfall, and why we might need to know when and how much rain is going to fall), and lots in between.  We will also have some free exploration time on a set of COVID-safe exhibits.

The programme will begin from week commencing on Friday 21st May, starting at 2.30pm and will run for 1 hour and 45 minutes.  The programme will consist of 8 “standard” sessions and  a final ‘STEM Party’ session to celebrate the end of this term.

Discounted Block Booking

The sessions cost £15 on an individual basis or a block booking for all nine sessions is £120/child, offering a significant discount.

These would be fully refundable, should we be required to close down again due to the on-going COVID pandemic.


COVID protocols

Our COVID-safe protocols are driven by government requirements and include face covering, hand sanitation, socially distanced tables for one “bubble” only, thorough cleaning between groups visiting the Centre, ventilation and workplace testing for staff.