STEMclub – Surviving the apocalypse – Ditch the dirt

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Surviving the apocalypse STEMClub Sessions

For the past few years the world has been ravaged by a vicious disease…not the one you might be thinking of…this one is much worse! This new disease, known as HAVOC, has infected millions of people, making them develop strange behaviours, including a tendency to be a little bit bitey!

A small band of elite scientists, codenamed STEMClub, i.e. you, have survived the initial apocalypse and escaped to a secret laboratory in the woods outside Cambridge. Unfortunately the lab has not been used for a while, and you had to escape quickly, so there are not as many essential provisions in your hide-out as you might want.

Can you work together to complete challenges to demonstrate your resilience, creativity and scientific skills and help others to survive the apocalypse?

Today we will look at:

Ditch the dirt – purifying water

The water supply to your secret laboratory is not very reliable, and may even be contaminated, so you need to go back to basics and collect water from the rivers in the woods. As scientists you know the importance of making sure that your drinking water is clean. Design and test a water purification device to ensure your team has enough to drink.

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