STEMclub – Space Flight

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Space flight features in many TV series and films that often ignore what no gravity or atmosphere actually means. Let’s explore reality and find out why space stations and satellites don’t fall to Earth, when you should actually use your engines in space, and how could we fake gravity on a space ship?


This session forms part of our special after school programme with weekly sessions of hands-on activities.

This half-term we are Up in the Air and focusing on flight. The sessions will last approximately 1 hour and each week will be based on a different curriculum topic.

Overall, topics ranges from ‘Hot Air Balloons’ to ‘Space Flight’ and lots in between. We will also have some free exploration time on a set of COVID-safe exhibits.

The programme will begin from Thursday 9th September starting at 4.30pm and will run for 1 hour. The programme will consist of 6 sessions. Suitable for children from 7-11 years.

These would be fully refundable, should we be required to close down again due to the on-going COVID pandemic.


Our COVID-safe protocols are driven by government requirements. We request that our guests continue to use face coverings, hand sanitation, and social distancing. There will also be thorough cleaning between groups visiting the Centre, ventilation and workplace testing for staff.