What’s on today

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Today, we are open from 10.30am to 5.00pm

Come along throughout the day to explore our interactive exhibits and take part in today’s Christmassy festive shows and activities.

No need to book!

Today’s shows:

11.00am     Gums to Bum – What happens to your Christmas dinner?

Take a tour through the digestive system; observe what happens from the moment your Christmas dinner enters your mouth, all the way until it reaches the toilet! See a series of revolting demos and even volunteer to help the process along the way.

14.30pm    The Same but Different (Christmas version)

Meet Darwin and his family – why do they look alike? And how come we all look a bit the same – but different? Look into his famous voyage on The Beagle and how that helped him formulate his theory of evolution. Packed full of fun Christmas games and demos, this show gives you a chance to be a part of a 5 billion year old story!

Make something a little different to take home with you!

12.30pm  Christmas DNA paper chains

DNA forms the building blocks for life by pairing bases in a double helix structure. Use strips of coloured paper for the bases and pair them to make festive themed DNA sequences to decorate the centre for Chritmas! Do you want to recreate the DNA sequence from a turkey, a cranberry – or a brussels sprout?

16.00pm  Christmas Picture Mixers

An optical illusion is an experience where the visual system perceives something that is different to what exists in reality. So our brain misinterprets the information received from the eyes and we ‘see’ something that is not real. Make your own optical illusion using our Christmassy pictures.