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Today, we are open from 10.30am to 5.00pm

Come along throughout the day to explore our interactive shows and exhibits and take part in today’s activities.

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Today’s shows:

11.00am  It’s a Hard Rock Life

Earth seems pretty rock hard, but actually more of our planet is liquid than solid! Help our communicators dig, swim and drill their way through the Earth’s layers and delve deep into the Earth’s crust to discover the rocks beneath our feet, and how they are created.

2.30pm Recycle for Life

Using nature as a guide, join us to find out why it’s important to recycle everyday items. Through a series of exciting and interactive demonstrations you’ll learn how the Earth recycles water, its most important resource, and what problems our world could face if we don’t learn lessons from natural recycling.

Make something a little different to take home with you!

12.30pm Picture Mixers

We look at planets within our solar system, and the reasons why they are an huge variety of colours. Have a go at creating your own vastly colourful planet using chromatography, and imagine its surrounding solar system, and even galaxy as its home.