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Explore your Universe: Phase 4


Locally-based and active throughout East Anglia, Cambridge Science Centre (CSC) is delighted to have been selected as one of only 8 science centres nationally to participate in Phase 4 of the Explore Your Universe programme.

The UK Association for Science & Discovery Centres (ASDC), in partnership with the Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC), has launched the next phase of this on-going initiative to engage, inspire and involve families with school-age children across the UK with the amazing science stories and people.

CSC participated in the earlier phases. Explore Your Universe Phase 2 (2014–16) helped to shape and inform some of the most popular activities in the Centre. CSC then took bespoke material out on the road between 2016-18 as part of their Explore Your Universe Phase 3 outreach programme.

Phase 4 will specifically focus on what successfully builds interest, confidence and supports “science capital” for children and families in the 40% most deprived regions of the UK. It’s all about working with community partners to engage a small group of participants on a regular basis, employing the latest trends in co-creation and participatory practice. It is about focused community engagement.

Phase 4 aims to identify practices that successfully build sustainable partnerships between science centres and community-based organisations. A 2½ year programme, Phase 4 is, at its heart, an audience-driven programme focused on participatory methodologies. It is designed to build trust by working with the same families multiple times and truly include and involve those whom may not currently walk through the doors of the UK’s Science Centres.

The CSC proposal has set out plans to work with children and families living in specific areas of Cambridge City that, surprisingly, fall within the 30% most deprived neighbourhoods in England. Families from these areas are, currently, very much underrepresented among visitors to the Centre.

We are all looking forward to the journey!


“Science and discovery centres in the UK are doing some excellent community engagement. Explore Your Universe 4 is an opportunity to build on that to create a truly participatory process that will have a longer term impact on both organisations and communities. It has the potential to kick-start a radical shift in ways of working, and change the public perception of the role of science centres in society. It is both exciting and a privilege to be part of it.”  – Piotr Bienkowski, Culture Heritage Museums.


Cambridge Science Centre (CSC) is an independent Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) engagement charity. It is devoted to inspiring young people through hands-on experiences in STEM learning. Through this approach it hopes to spark scientific curiosity in every guest, ignite passion for scientific discovery, fuel self-belief in those whom doubt their own potential and illuminate pathways into STEM education and careers for everyone.

Keep an eye on the website for more information and specific events in the coming months