“It actually made science sound fun. I’d really love it if you could do it every week!”
Girl, 13

For Schools

How it works

You can choose to have hands-on science sessions for your pupils either at your school, or in our brand new science centre in the heart of Cambridge.

Our enthusiastic science communicators bring science to life at a time and place to suit you.

Here’s how it works:

At Your School

  • We come to you and bring everything needed
  • We put on an interactive show (30 mins) followed by a workshop (1 hour for up to 30 children) on a topic of your choice. Choose from any of the topics listed on the left. We have identified which Key Stage each one suits. (Shows and workshops can be on the same topic or on different topics)
  • The cost is bespoke, please contact us for a quote
  • Or we can turn your school into a pop-up science centre for a whole week

At Our Centre

  • You bring your pupils to our newly-opened science centre on Clifton Road, Cambridge. Slots available from 10am – 12pm or 1pm – 3pm
  • Choose between either a workshop (1 hour, for one class of up to 30 only); or a show (30 minutes). Choose a topic from the list on the left.
  • Your pupils can spend time with our hands-on exhibits after the show or workshop has finished
  • The total duration for both options is two hours
  • The cost starts from £170

Workshop or show?

  • Workshops and shows are both interactive hands-on sessions that fit in with the national science curriculum
  • A workshop lasts 50 minutes and offers a really in-depth interactive and educational science experience
  • A show lasts 30 minutes and offers a fun and engaging 30-minute hands-on adventure on a range of awesome topics
Choose Your Workshop Or Show