“With travel costs and museum entry so expensive, what better than bringing the museum to school! I particularly enjoyed seeing parents and children working together at the wind tunnel! Many, many parents approached me to say what a fantastic idea it was.”

Hire our pop-up science centre

Can’t come to us? No problem. Our friendly team can turn your school into your very own pop up science centre for a week. We call this a ‘COSMOS Roadshow’.

Our team of talented science communicators come and deliver a whole range of exciting interactive shows and awesome workshops – inspiring teachers and encouraging pupils to make their own discoveries through our hands-on mobile exhibition.

How does it work?

When your school hosts a COSMOS Roadshow, it becomes a hub for your local education community. As well as inspiring your own pupils, nearby primary schools get the chance to bring classes to visit too – helping to spark scientific curiosity for the next generation!

COSMOS Roadshow is suitable for upper KS2 & KS3, although we can tailor the exhibits and activities to other years and groups too.

What’s included?

We run hands-on science sessions of 90-120 minutes (adapted to suit your school’s timetable) and typically includes a live show and a hands-on workshop and time to enjoy our interactive exhibition.

Free play in the pop-up science centre

We’ll bring you one of our popular exhibitions, which will be on permanent display for the week, featuring hands-on exhibits that encourage your pupils (and staff) to explore science for themselves.

You can find out more about our shows and workshops here.

What does it cost?

It costs £5,000 to turn your school into a science centre for a whole week! However we can often offer this at a much subsidised rate.

Contact our team to book your school’s COSMOS Roadshow today!

Want to see a COSMOS Roadshow in action? Watch our video.