It’s great to be back!

After opening our new centre in Cambridge and renewing our website, it is finally time to give our blog a fresh new look.

In this space we will cover what is going on in Cambridge Science Centre as well as science-themed events going on in the Cambridge area, share our tips for starting out a new science-y hobby, take a deeper delve in the technologies hidden in our everyday life, celebrate the life and achievements of great scientists – and much more. Ever wondered about what the best science themed board games are out there, or how does a plasma TV work, or simply want to know what we are up to? Then this will definitely be a space to watch!

Our lively team of science communicators will write about what makes us passionate about science and tech, and how they make the world we live it not just easier, but also fun and interesting. But this is not all: we will feature guest writers from our sponsors and we are thrilled to hear from you – what makes YOU curious about science?