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Find our Living World Exhibition in The Grand Arcade, Cambridge

Explore life from the basic building blocks to endangered species in our hands on exhibits, interactive shows and fun  activities.

Can you “build” your own plant, get plankton to float at just the right level in the “ocean”, and can you find your place in the Tree of Life?

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Today’s shows:

11.30am  Same but Different

Meet Darwin and his family – why do they look alike? And how come we all look a bit the same – but different? Look into his famous voyage on The Beagle and how that helped him formulate his theory of evolution. Packed full of fun games and demos, this show gives you a chance to be a part of a 5 billion year old story!

2.30pm  Balance of Biodiversity

Let’s investigate the enormous variety of life on the earth – biodiversity, looking at the interactions between different species via food chains and webs. we’ll look at the important roles of ecosystem superheroes and what we can do to support them.

Make something a little different with our activities today!

12.30pm  Plankton Challenge

3.30pm  It’s all connected