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Do something different!  Why not take part in our interactive science shows and exhibits today.

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Today’s shows:

11.00am  Start Making Sense

Are there really only 5 senses, or are there others we never hear about? Find out more about the familiar senses, plus a few other, less familiar ones in our show.

2.30pm The Same but Different

Meet Darwin and his family – why do they look alike? And how come we all look a bit the same – but different? Look into his famous voyage on The Beagle and how that helped him formulate his theory of evolution. Packed full of fun games and demos, this show gives you a chance to be a part of a 5 billion year old story!

Make something a little different to take home with you!

12.30pm Pinwheel Galaxy

We reuse empty toilet roll tubes, by transforming them into a fabulous bird feeders full of nutritious seeds to attract brilliant bird species to your garden! All materials provided, suitable for all ages, although seed mix may contain traces of nuts.