What’s on today…

Event Details

Today, we are open from 10.30am to 5.00pm

Come along throughout the day to explore our interactive exhibits and take part in our today’s shows and activities.

No need to book!

Today’s shows:

11.00am Built for Speed

How do we build machines?  What makes them work and what makes them go fast?  Why are some machines faster than others and how do we build machines for speed?

Today, we will be looking at how machines work and why some are faster than others.  You can build your very own machine out of recycled materials.

14:30pm Gums to Bum

Take the chance to be a part of a 5-billion-year-old story and discover why we all look a bit the same – but different! Learn about Charles

What goes in must come out! Follow your breakfast on its journey from your Gums to your Bum. Watch as the food gets digested in-front of your eyes, and find out the specific job of each part of the digestive system.

This inventive show introduces concepts including: parts of the digestive system, enzymes, and why it’s best not to hold in a poo!

Make something a little different to take home with you!

12.30pm Rocket Mouse

Find out how to a rocket out of some very simple materials and launch your mouse (or pop-up penguin or supersonic shark) – if not into space, then across the room!

16:00pm Design a dinosaur

Design your own dinosaur.  Will you give it feathers, scales or make it different colours?