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Christmas is getting nearer and nearer and we are ready to celebrate!  Join in our Christmas and winter activities which will be running all day long!

Find us at The Grand Arcade, Cambridge, Floor 1.

Free entry

Activities running today are:

Christmas stained glass

Brightly coloured stained glass windows are familiar themes at Christmas. Find out more about the chemistry behind the rich colours as you make your own brightly coloured festive decorations.

Winter snowflakes

What shape is a snowflake? Well, they’re not always the pointy six sided shapes we’re familiar with! Find out about the different types of snow flakes, how they form and what causes the different shapes to form. Make your own six sided snowflake shape from a sheet of paper and use it to as a room decoration.

The EvoLOOTion Game

One creature, isolated on an island gives rise to countless varieties. Find out how by playing the EvoLOOTion board game!

Please note that the Centre on Clifton Road is closed over this period.