What’s on today

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Christmas is getting nearer and nearer and we are ready to celebrate!  Join in our Christmas and winter activities which will be running all day long!

Find us at The Grand Arcade, Cambridge, Floor 1.

Free entry

Activities running today are:

Christmas Picture Mixers

An optical illusion is an experience where the visual system perceives something that is different to what exists in reality. So our brain misinterprets the information received from the eyes and we ‘see’ something that is not real. Make your own optical illusion using our Christmassy pictures.

Step into Christmas

This is a challenge – can you cut a hole in the middle of a piece of paper, like a Christmas card for example, that is big enough for you to step through? You don’t think so? Join us and see how it’s done!

Please note that the Centre on Clifton Road is closed over this period.