What’s on today

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Christmas is getting nearer and nearer and we are ready to celebrate!  Join in our Christmas and winter activities which will be running all day long!

Find us at The Grand Arcade, Cambridge, Floor 1.

Free entry

Activities running today are:

Christmas Glitter Globes

We’ve all seen the pretty snow globes at Christmas time, but how do they work the way they do? Explore the effect of density as you create this fun festive snow scene.

Tinkering Tree

Have you ever wondered why Christmas trees are the shape they are? Find out more and tinker with some bits and pieces from our workshop to make your own, unusual Christmas tree.

Christmas DNA Paper Chains

DNA forms the building blocks for life by pairing bases in a double helix structure. Use strips of coloured paper for the bases and pair them to make festive themed DNA sequences to decorate the centre for Christmas! Do you want to recreate the DNA sequence from a turkey, a cranberry – or a brussels sprout?

Please note that the Centre on Clifton Road is closed over this period.