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It’s all about Engineering at Cambridge Science Centre! Build bridges, make electricity and have a go at some fun engineering-based activities at our centre on Clifton Road Come along throughout the day to explore our interactive shows and exhibits and take part in today’s activities. In addition, we are supporting Cambridge Nature Festival with a series of  nature based activities available all day.

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Today’s shows:

11.00am  All Charged Up

Opposites attract – that’s true even at the tiniest level. Find out how that important in creating that little spark when you touch a metal object, and what that’s got to do with lightening.

2.30pm  Sun, Sea and Science

It’s Summer – the sun is shining, the days are long, schools out and we can go play at the beach! Take a science-y look at a trip to the sunny seaside and investigate why we use sunscreen, how salty the sea is, and how to make the best sandcastle!

Make something a little different with our activities today!

12.30pm  Recycled Car Toy

Let us show you how to transform a pile of rubbish into a fun toy car, and find out a bit about recycling along the way.