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Our Living World Exhibition is new and is now open!

Explore life from the basic building blocks to endangered species in our hands on exhibits, interactive shows and fun  activities.

Can you “build” your own plant, get plankton to float at just the right level in the “ocean”, and can you find your place in the Tree of Life?

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Today’s shows:

11.00am Balance of Diversity

Let’s investigate the enormous variety of life on the earth – biodiversity, looking at the interactions between different species via food chains and webs. we’ll look at the important roles of ecosystem superheroes and what we can do to support them.

2.30pm  Leaves and Seeds

Find out how and why leaves change colour in Autumn, and discover some of the ways the plants spread their seeds in this interactive show.

Make something a little different with our activities today!

12.30pm It’s all connected

Explore how organisms in an ecosystem are all connected by making a food (paper) chain.

4.00pm  Fabulous Fungi

Bold and vibrant fungi are found in nearly every garden, but what we witness above ground are just the beautiful fruiting buds. However, what about their hidden underground network of hyphae? Find out how fungi are responsible for playing a huge part in our ecosystems, and are one of the unsung heroes of the natural world.