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Find our Engineering Exhibition in The Grand Arcade, Cambridge

Our shows and activities focus on the world of engineering this month.  From building your own recycled car toy to launching a straw rocket, you can have fun figuring out how stuff works.

Get hands-on with our unique exhibits and discover the different engineering concepts we are exploring.

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Today’s shows:

11.30am   All Charged Up

Opposites attract – that’s true even at the tiniest level. Find out how that is important in creating that little spark when you touch a metal object, and what that’s got to do with lightening.

2.30pm  Built for Speed

How do we build machines? What makes them work and what makes them go fast? Why are some machines faster than others and how do we build machines for speed?
Today, we will be looking at how machines work and why some are faster than others. You can build your very own machine out of recycled materials.

Make something a little different with our activities today!

12.30pm  Building Bridges

Take a look at the different ways we’ve come up with for crossing gaps – there are probably more than you’d think! Build a bridge of your own and take it home to see if you can improve your design.

Please note that the Centre on Clifton Road is closed over this period.

Children must be accompanied by a parent or carer at all times.