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Join the Crew!

SHOW Join the Crew! Ever wondered what it’s like to be an astronaut? How do you get into space, and what’s it like to live and work there? Learn how the physics of Isaac Newton’s laws got us into space ...
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You Are What You Eat

WORKSHOP You Are What You Eat You are what you eat – or are you? Find out how the body breaks down and rebuilds the proteins in our diet through this hands-on workshop. Experience digestion as if you were a ...
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Sailing Science

WORKSHOP Sailing Science Forgotten your sea legs? Don’t worry you’ll be rolling up your sleeves and creating a land yacht while learning about materials and forces. This popular workshop gets pupils to build, test and modify their own land yacht ...
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On the Road

WORKSHOP On the Road Ever thought about the ground under your feet? Get on the road for this interactive workshop about making roads, using real-life examples from the A14 along the way. In this three-part hands on-workshop, you’ll go on ...
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Eye on Evolution

WORKSHOP Eye on Evolution Have you ever wondered how our eyes actually see? This hands-on workshop explores the way we think human eyes have evolved. Follow the likely stages of the evolution of the human eye while making a pinhole ...
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Skills for Space

WORKSHOP Skills for Space Have you got what it takes to be an astronaut or a space scientist, a mission controller or space engineer? Put your skills to the test in interactive workshop preparing you to become part of an ...
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Go Ballistic

WORKSHOP Go Ballistic What goes up must come down – but how do you predict where things land? Especially vital to know if you’re an astronaut or a human cannonball. In this show-stopping workshop, teams collaborate to fire projectiles – ...
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Chain Reaction

WORKSHOP Chain Reaction Learn about forces and energy as your pupils work together to build a joined up chain of crazy contraptions. This high-octane interactive engineering workshop gets teams working together to create one big, wacky chain reaction. Using pulleys ...
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Stronger by Design

SHOW Stronger by Design What makes a bullet proof vest so strong – what keeps firefighters safe and what does this have to do with custard? This interactive show looks at the engineering behind some of the most amazing materials that keep ...
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Spectrum Science

SHOW Spectrum Science Want to see something out of this world? Use special cameras to reveal hidden light and explore the secrets of our solar system. This intergalactic show shines the light on our universe as we take a tour ...
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Sonic Science

SHOW Sonic Science Ever wondered how sound travels? Discover sound and  what happens when it reaches your ears in this supersonic show. Sounds are all around us but how does sound travel through air to reach our eardrum? Using hands-on ...
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SHOW LifeCycles Want to recycle more? Look to nature to find out how it’s done. We look at inspiring examples from nature to illustrate why recycling is so important for our environment. Meet Horatio the Hermit Crab, who makes his ...
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“I learned a lot but my favourite thing was finding out about the planets and moons!”
Year 5 pupil