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On the Road

Ever thought about the ground under your feet? Get on the road for this interactive workshop about making roads, using real-life examples from the A14 along the way.

In this three-part hands on-workshop, you’ll go on an inspiring journey to learn all about road building. Play the role of an engineer, a materials scientist and an environmental scientist to probe the layers of materials that make up a road. Then, working in teams, explore how to minimise the environmental impact of road building – learning practical skills including measuring, weighing and engineering as you go.

Kindly supported by Cambridgeshire Community Foundation



Want to recycle more? Look to nature to find out how it’s done.

We look at inspiring examples from nature to illustrate why recycling is so important for our environment. Meet Horatio the Hermit Crab, who makes his home in recycled shells, and watch a cloud form in a bottle to illustrate how the water cycle works.

This inspirational workshop introduces the concepts of water cycle, carbon cycle and recycling.

“I learned a lot but my favourite thing was finding out about the planets and moons!”
Year 5 pupil