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Launch into space – Watch custard armour in action – Hear your classroom hum!

Cambridge Science Centre lets young-people experience Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths in action. Our enthusiastic science communicators and wonderful range of school shows and workshops, and hands-on exhibits bring science to life using in person and virtually with resources that your school will not have in-house.

We are as flexible as possible, so that we can fit in with your students, your curriculum, and your timetable.
– Join us for a virtual show with a secure login and one-week of access for unlimited children.
– You can visit our Cambridge Gallery, and explore our hands-on exhibits after an amazing show or workshop.
– We can come to you, bringing our shows and workshops into your classroom or school hall.
– Our School Roadshows can transform your school hall into an interactive science centre for a week, with each class experiencing a show, workshop, and exhibits!