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Schools Shows and Workshops

Key Stage 3


Power Up!

What is electrical energy and how can we generate and use it?

This workshop gets pupils to build and test a simple circuit, an electromagnet, and a miniature wind turbine. Understand teh intrinsic link between electricity and magnets and what that means for powering our world.


Change Matters

What are the difference between the three states of matter? This show explores the chemical changes that can be reversed, and those that cannot.

Describe the three states of matter and explore how materials can change between them. Then see how some changes cannot be undone.


Balance of Biodiversity

How balanced are the groups of living things around us? This show explores the way living things interact with each other in a balanced ecosystem.

Investigate how humans organise the complex world of living things and how food webs keep everything in balance. Find out about the important roles of the ecosystem superheroes, such as pollinators, and what we can do to support them.


Join the Crew!

Ever wondered what it’s like to be an astronaut? How do you get into space, and what’s it like to live and work there?

Learn how the physics of Isaac Newton’s laws got us into space and ride on a hover board. Experience some of the dangers of going into space with our vacuum chamber and our blowtorch – and find out how we used science to overcome these challenges.

Kindly supported by ASDC and Destination Space


On the Road

Ever thought about the ground under your feet? Get on the road for this interactive workshop about making roads, using real-life examples from the A14 along the way.

In this three-part hands on-workshop, you’ll go on an inspiring journey to learn all about road building. Play the role of an engineer, a materials scientist and an environmental scientist to probe the layers of materials that make up a road. Then, working in teams, explore how to minimise the environmental impact of road building – learning practical skills including measuring, weighing and engineering as you go.

Kindly supported by Cambridgeshire Community Foundation


Eye on Evolution

Have you ever wondered how our eyes actually see? This hands-on workshop explores the way we think human eyes have evolved.

Follow the likely stages of the evolution of the human eye while making a pinhole viewer to highlight the crucial steps – from how we tell light from dark to focusing with a lens.

This is an illuminating introduction to the anatomy of the eye will highlight the different types of eyes we see in animals today.


Skills for Space

Have you got what it takes to be an astronaut or a space scientist, a mission controller or space engineer? Put your skills to the test in interactive workshop preparing you to become part of an imaginary space mission.

It takes a whole galaxy of people to send an astronaut into space – from scientists to mission controllers and from doctors to engineers. In this interactive workshop, young explorers can find out what it’s like to work in the space industry – preparing the next generation of inter-galactic adventurers.

Working in small groups to solve problems, you’ll learn how to control a robotic arm and work out how to deal with floating liquids in space, with a strong focus on forces and materials.

Kindly supported by ASDC and Destination Space


Go Ballistic

What goes up must come down – but how do you predict where things land? Especially vital to know if you’re an astronaut or a human cannonball.

In this show-stopping workshop, teams collaborate to fire projectiles – working out angles, distances and trajectories to make sure their cannonball lands on target. This workshop looks at real-life examples of when humans themselves are the projectile – from astronauts to human cannonballs. We explore how scientific modelling and physical forces explain why astronauts like Tim Peake didn’t fall to Earth, and how human cannonballs make sure they land safely.

Kindly supported by Mathworks 


Chain Reaction

Learn about forces and energy as your pupils work together to build a joined up chain of crazy contraptions.

This high-octane interactive engineering workshop gets teams working together to create one big, wacky chain reaction. Using pulleys and levers, bits of string and ping pong balls, this is a chance to really get your hands on science to learn about energy and forces at the same time as getting to grips with teamwork – with lots of fun along the way.


Spectrum Science

Want to see something out of this world? Use special cameras to reveal hidden light and explore the secrets of our solar system.

This intergalactic show shines the light on our universe as we take a tour of the stars – using IR and UV sensitive cameras to explore what we can see in our skies.

With plenty of opportunities for audience members to volunteer, this stellar show encourages pupils to reach for the stars – teaching them all about light and space along the way.

Kindly supported by Explore Your Universe

“I learned a lot but my favourite thing was finding out about the planets and moons!”
Year 5 pupil