Cambridge Science Centre prides itself on being a great way to get kids engaged with science. Sadly, COVID-19 means that we are limited in how we can have schools visit us at our Centre, or take our shows and workshops (and sometimes exhibits) out to schools.

VirtualSchoolTrip is our way of still letting schools have that trip to the Centre feeling. You can select from a range of shows, covering KS1-3. Each pass is £100 and lasts for one-week (beginning on a Monday) and is accessible by an unlimited number of children!

Teachers and students can watch at any time, and from anywhere. And, once they’ve watched, there are some questions to get everyone involved in a class discussion – and maybe some family discussions too. Designed to be done at home with whatever is available, the challenge gets students to consider fair testing, experimental design, and data collection.

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Our Shows:

It’s Spring! But what does that mean? In this fun show find out why days get longer, why it starts to warm up, and why animals have their young in Spring.

Build an egg and discover why they’re so important.

See which animals are the “springy-est” and can jump the furthest – can you jump further than an Elephant? Wait and see!

Aimed at Key Stage 1 & 2. Cost: £100

Show is ~15 minutes

What goes in must come out! Follow your breakfast on its journey from your Gums to your Bum. Watch as the food gets digested in-front of your eyes, and find out the specific job of each part of the digestive system. Introduces concepts including: parts of the digestive system, enzymes, and why it’s best not to hold in a poo!

Suitable for All Ages, aimed at Key Stage 1 and 2. Cost: £100

Show is ~20 minutes

What dangers do firefighters face, what makes a bullet proof vest so strong, and does any of this relate to custard? This show looks at the engineering behind some of the most amazing materials that keep us safe when we’re in danger. We look at the fabrics that protect firefighters from flames and water, how a woven material can stop a bullet, how many materials astronauts need to stay safe on a spacewalk, and, seriously, why is custard important? Introducing concepts including staying safe, forces, and materials.

Suitable for All Ages, aimed at Key Stage 1 and 2. Cost: £100

Show is ~25 minutes

Ever wondered what sound is or how it travels? How do we even know a sound is being made? Find out as we use tuning forks, speakers, ping-pong balls, smoke rings, and an oversized model of the ear to explore the world of sound. Introducing concepts including pitch and frequency, states of matter, and human anatomy.

Suitable for All Ages, aimed at Key Stage 2 and 3. Cost: £100

Show is ~25 minutes

Want to see something out of this world? Sometimes invisible light is the only way! This intergalactic show shines the light on our universe as we take a tour of the stars – using infra-red and ultraviolet sensitive cameras to explore what cannot normally be seen in our skies. Introducing concepts including star lifecycles and the electromagnetic spectrum.

Aimed at Key Stage 3. Cost: £100

Show is ~25 minutes

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