“Loved this small centre, lots of interaction and much more understandable than the Science Museum in London. Highly recommend it, plus it’s cheap and you can come in and out all day. Fab day, fab staff, I can’t fault it one bit!”
Catherine F on TripAdvisor

Why we rock!

The only year-round, hands-on science centre in East Anglia

Cambridge Science Centre is all about empowering children and young people to discover science for themselves through hands-on activities.

Our charity exists to:

  • Spark scientific curiosity within every child
  • Fuel self-belief in children and young people who doubt their own potential
  • Illuminate pathways into science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education and careers
  • Showcase Cambridge science and innovation

We do this by engaging directly with people of all ages at our centre and out on the road, as well as working with teachers and schools to give a crucial extra dimension to curriculum teaching.

As an educational charity, we help establish the value of STEM subjects as vital skills for day-to-day life and future careers.

We make science fun…

All our science activities are hands-on and interactive. Young people learn best when they get the chance to explore and experiment for themselves in a more informal, playful environment. Which is exactly what we encourage here at Cambridge Science Centre.

As schools find it increasingly challenging to offer practical experiments (due to funding cuts and changes in the curriculum) our role here is more important than ever – especially as we are the only year-round, hands-on science education provider in East Anglia.

The chance to experiment offered by Cambridge Science Centre is seen by senior scientists as a key ingredient in developing the enquiring minds we need for the future.

We make science friendly…

Our staff are tremendously talented, friendly communicators. Their energy and enthusiasm captures the imagination and attention of children of all ages. This creates positive memories, and helps sow those all-important seeds of curiosity in young minds.

We make science easy to find…

We take our love of science out into the community by providing a wide range of fun activities which are built into transportable exhibits. These can be taken to schools, town halls, churches, city centre shops, sports halls – in fact almost anywhere! This allows us to reach out to disadvantaged and disengaged communities (young people with low ‘science capital’), using socio-demographic data to concentrate our activities in hard to reach communities. And it makes the cost of reaching people much cheaper per head.

How many people do we reach?

We have already sparked the curiosity of almost 300,000 children and their families by hosting visits to our centre, performing shows and workshops in schools, delivering community roadshows and offering online practical activities to try at home.

We have visited over 300 schools, held over 100 Street Science pop-up events and those at home continue to enjoy our YouTube Channel, Science@6.

A career in science

We love visiting career fairs and offering volunteering opportunities all year round to give young people to work with us and see how rewarding science communication is. From work experience to PhD internship placements (PIPS), we welcome the chance to share the CSC experience with the future STEM ambassadors of the world (subject to availability).

Everyone’s journey starts somewhere – and where better than Cambridge!